The Alarm Monitoring Company provide monitored alarms and CCTV system installations and ongoing monitoring. Alarm monitoring is the proven way to secure your home or business against theft. Please see the website for an immediate quote.

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  • London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, York, Nottingham

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Products & Services

Quality equipment - competively priced

AMCO install the best CCTV camera equipment available. Our R&D team research the latest available technologies, to ensure our customers benefit from innovations.

Standard CCTV cameras we install on a regular basis are as follows:

2MP Analogue / IP: these are our workhorse cameras, with 2MP is generally good enough for most use-cases
Movement detection: specialist AI chips enable these cameras to accurately detect human movement, with minimal false-alarms
Active deterrent: combine AI chips for accurate detection with an on-board siren and strobe lights to actively deter intruders
Wifi Security Cameras: LiveViz is our standard Wifi Security camera of choice; low-cost, high-quality with remote smartphone app viewing

From Our Website

At the core of LiveTalk is a speaker microphone device which connects directly to our monitoring station - allowing us to immediately listen and speak into your property in an emergency situation, and scare off intruders. The LiveTalk speaker / microphone unit allows us to immediately listen and talk into a property. The speaker / mic is normally located in a central part of the property (e.g. a hall way in the case of a house). For larger properties we can install as many speaker / mics as are required.

If you're looking to protect both your property & staff, then installing monitored alarm & CCTV is the best option. AMCO specialise in monitored security systems, uniquely with LiveTalk monitoring. LiveTalk means that whenever your alarm or CCTV is activated, we can immediately listen, see and talk into the property - giving you the peace of mind that someone is their to help 24/7 when you and your staff most need it. AMCO's LiveTalk Lone worker system is a low-cost high-security panic attack button system designed for use in shops, restaurants and bars.

Customers choose the Premier system because they're wanting a high-tech solution which is expandable / future-proof. We offer different technology options, as customers have varied needs and we aim to design systems to fit these needs. 3/4 bed houses or 1/2 bed flats. The type of person who likes the Compact system is someone who likes simple, robust and easy-to-use technology - and wants an app-based security system with security camera integration. The type of person who likes the Premier system is generally more technically sophisticated who likes their gadgets and is interested in potential future system expansion / integration.

The company was founded over 20 years ago, and has organically grown to operate across all regions of the UK - with HQ's in both the North (Easingwold, North Yorkshire) and the South (London), and security engineers based in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and across London. From a people perspective, we like to employ 'best-in-class' individuals meaning that we've built a team with complimentary skill-sets, from operations to specialist security engineers, from admin to security sales consultants.

Welcome to the home of AMCO Academy - the Alarm Monitoring Company's elite training course for training the best security engineers and managers. As a growing company we're keen to develop up our engineering team, to meet the demands of our customers. To enable us to do this, we've set up the AMCO engineer Academy - an 6 week intensive training course to train up engineers to install alarm and CCTV systems the AMCO way. AMCO Academy is a residential course, based at AMCO Academy HQ in Yorkshire, where trainees both live and train on site for the first 3 weeks, and then go out and shadow our existing engineers for the next 3 weeks.

LiveViz is a simple but high-tech camera system giving you the ability to remotely monitor your property wherever / whenever you like via a Smartphone app. Importantly LiveViz integrates into your existing AMCO alarm monitoring system, giving you the option to upgrade to a video-monitored security system. Checking everything is OK at your property is important for peace of mind. LiveViz enables you to quickly and easily check your camears via a smartphone app. In the case of an alarm activation with your AMCO alarm, you can check to see activity on site - or connect your LiveViz cameras to your LiveTalk alarm monitoring and have the AMCO team visually monitor your cameras for you.

The following is a guide to how to choose an alarm system, taking into account all the different factors like 'wired vs wireless alarm?' through to 'what type of alarm monitoring to choose?'. Alarm systems in the UK are getting increasingly complex, driven by the advancements in technology - especially smart phone technology. Because of this, we've put together this guide to burglar alarms (UK-orientated) so you get a better idea of what types of questions you should be asking when selecting an alarm system.