SMI Global is a UK based privately owned software company, with offices in both the UK and the USA. The company specialise in the development, sale and support of Mobile Solutions for the security industry, solving the problem of How can you use a Wall Reader when there is no wall? A range of rugged hand held devices are utilised enabling the user to not only verify access but to see cardholder details. Typical user cases include remote access control, identity verification and Mustering.

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SMI offers a deep level of integration with many of the leading Access control Systems in use. Software that utilises the toolsets from these manufacturers enables mobile devices to act as wall readers would. Access Rights, Occupancy and APB are offered in many cases enabling a mobile device to be used seamlessly as an extension to the major system in use. The devices also display data and images regarding the cardholder to enable further validation or data checking.

Many access control systems have a Muster function. The implication is that someone is in the building monitoring the Muster report. This may be difficult if the building is on fire. SMI solve this problem with a stand alone Muster solution.

Often defined as something you are a Biometric is perhaps the most secure credential of all. SMI offer both hardware and software to enable mobile devices to be used for Biometric security. The products allow the enrolment of a Biometric template into a smart card and the subsequent 1:1 verification of that template against a live read. In his way an extra layer of Biometric security can be added to virtually any Access Control System offering full dual factor authentication.


From Our Website

SMI create and market a mobile extension to access control. The system extends the use of access control beyond physical barriers - solving the problem of "How can you use a wall reader when in fact there is no wall?" SMI have utilised the latest RIO protocol from Genetec alongside the SDK. This integration harnesses the power of the Cloud Link controller to deliver a powerful mobile addition to the Genetec access control system.