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Stop false vehicle damage claims with Hi-lighter automated vehicle damage recording. Uninsured losses against false vehicle damage claims costs many thousands of pounds annually. Hi-Lighter is the ultimate digital photography system for use in car parks, airports, insurance, van, lorry and car hire operations. High definition MegaPixel cameras for schools, councils, housing associations and business protection. Our expertise in design and installation of digital CCTV systems covers more than 20 years and our installed systems cover everything from Church roofs to refuse bins.

When Verdant Technologies were asked to provide CCTV for Belgravia Mansions, it was clear from outset that high image quality would be paramount as well as ensuring that the appearance of this iconic and prestigious building would not be compromised. Verdant Technologies were pleased to present proposals for an eight camera system to cover the periphery of the building using high end MegaPixel IP cameras networked back to the main security office where recording and reviewing would take place. Part of our brief was to ensure that the viewing software would be intuitive and easy to use, since the CCTV is only a part of the daily activities for the Building Management team and thus reviewing and exporting of incidents would only be performed occasionally.

The parish of St. Nicholas extends around the northern edge of the Borough of Stevenage and includes parts of both the old and new towns. The Saxon church on this site was replaced by a Norman one in about 1100 AD, but the only remaining part of this is the great, thick-walled flint tower which houses a ring of eight bells. The church structure has been partially rebuilt so many times that it is a patchwork of nine centuries of local endeavour. Following a systematic campaign of metal thefts from the church which caused over 20,000 worth of damage and a spate of petty vandalism, Paul Drakes, the Churchwarden at St. Nicholas Church felt he had to act, "We had considered CCTV for a while but the property is a grade-one listed building and over a thousand years old, so we needed to be sensitive to the heritage of the site."

The Hi-Lighter product was developed to provide a system for taking high quality images of vehicles for automated damage recording and auditing purposes, and to provide a simple means of presenting the evidence via hard copy or e-mail for customer information. The Hi-Lighter system is based on the same principle as a photographic studio, which provides a controlled environment, including lighting, to ensure a clear consistent image of the vehicle is taken from all angles. Controlled lighting is an important element of the system.

From its beginnings in 1937 as Ringway Airport, Manchester airport is now the third largest airport in the uk, with over 20million passengers per year and over 35,000 car parking spaces. Within the car parks business, customer security and confidence is paramount and Verdant Technologies were delighted to be invited to tender for Manchester Airport's new vehicle condition screening system or "vehicle damage recording" (VDR) as it is also known, to be installed at all three of the airport's terminals.

Catalyst Housing Ltd. is one of the leading London Housing associations providing more than 21,000 homes in London and the South East and its roots go back more than 80 years to the 1920's Kensington Housing Trust. It provides diverse affordable accommodation and community development initiatives for families in and around the London area. Not surprisingly Catalyst's security needs are equally diverse. Anti-social behaviour monitoring is one of the most important aspects in addition to standard site security.

Verdant Technologies were chosen to supply and install recording and camera equipment for the centre back in 2007 and are pleased to be still monitoring and maintaining our new high performance recorder installed in 2011. The recorder provides 31 days back history at near real-time frame rates. Lighting also plays an important role since the lighting level at night covering the main entrance and exit points is sufficient to provide clear colour images 24/7. Image quality is a key issue for shopping centres, because the area of coverage is so large that cheaper lower quality cameras would not provide adequate detail.

The canopy width is flexible according to your requirements supporting single spans up to 12 metres width and normally about 10 to 12 metres depth, depending on orientation relative to the sun's path. Over the photographic region where the vehicle stops, the canopy is lined with a clean matt off-white finish, to ensure that the canopy internal structure does not cause reflections onto the side of the vehicle. The canopy itself is constructed from a durable galvanised cold rolled steel frame which is both light to erect yet structurally very strong.