Biometrics is the method of identifying someone using their biological data. Fingerprints, iris patterns, facial shapes and vein patterns are all unique to an individual and using this data can provide an infallible method of identification. The UK Biometrics team have years of experience working solely with biometric technology. This experience has been invaluable as the company has grown from strength to strength. Biometrics is cutting edge, proven technology with thousands of biometric products securing the buildings, offices and homes we use everyday.

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Since inception, we have been raising the bar in product reliability, accuracy and efficiency by developing and providing products that allow a greater depth of seamless integration for access control systems and time and attendance solutions. You can learn more about biometrics via our Biometrics Explained page. At ievo, we cater for the vast majority of industries, including but not limited to; education, construction works, industrial units and factories, leisure and healthcare facilities, Governmental buildings and general facilities management.

With wide integration into leading access control solutions, ievo can offer a biometric solution for almost any project. We have partnered with the National BIM Library to produced a comprehensive range of BIM objects for our systems. Designed to help specifiers, architects and contractors who are using BIM building practices in planning and development stages. All available objects are free of charge and are available in REVIT and IFC formats, they can be found here or directly on the National BIM Library website.

At ievo, we pride ourselves on the level of support we provide across our client base of installers, integrators and end-users. We provide support to businesses around the world, no matter how big or small the issue may be. What makes us stand out among other biometrics specialists, is that all of our products are manufactured in Britain, and all of our technical support team are based right here in the UK too. You can rest assured that if you choose to use our readers, then you will have access to support when you need it most and will always be able to speak to a real-life person to get you the help you require.

Biometrics are the measurable factors related to human characteristics. Using unique physiological reference points to identify an individual such as fingerprints, DNA or the iris. The identifiable characteristic data is mostly associated with security because biometric traits provide a higher, more secure level of authentication, where special characteristics are unique to the individual. An attractive quality in high-level security environments. Simply put, by using advanced image reading sensors ievo readers take a detailed scan of your finger from the surface and subsurface levels of the skin, to capture a highly accurate digital image.

Search our network of authorised installers, distributors and partners who will be able to provide advice on local sales, product information and support to ensure you are using the best biometric solutions for your requirements.

The ievo micro is the advanced internal only solution expanding the portfolio of ievo solutions to cater for industries looking to secure small to medium-sized facilities. Using a best-in-class optical sensor, the micro delivers a fast, accurate and reliable biometric solution, that saves both time and costs to any business and industry. With advanced encryption for data transmission, the micro fingerprint reader provides a highly accurate and quality image to reliably allow the ievo Control Board to perform 1:N matching of up to 50,000 (10,000 as standard) fingerprint templates.

The ievo Control Board is a powerful, dedicated fingerprint matching system, supporting any connected ievo fingerprint reader unit. The Control Board acts as the main communication platform for integrated systems, providing secure and highly reliable authentication data for processing. This Control Board is fully serviceable, with the modular design, different components can be easily added, removed or replaced. The modular design also means that as your business or site grows and demand for security increases, ievo solutions can be upgraded or expanded to support this growth.