Unfortunately today Security is an essential part of our every day life. On a brighter note, we have the solution to meet and beat these security problems. We are one of the few companies in the UK that offer a full range of security services and products. We don't just offer Alarms or CCTV cameras we also provide physical security systems such as Roller Shutters, Bar Grilles and also a Manned Response Service.

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Unfortunately most of us at some stage in our lives have encountered some of the above problems. However, most of us tend to be re-active rather than pro-active and fail to put measures in place to prevent a crime. Am I being a bit critical, not really! It's no different to my solicitor who keeps telling me to sort my will out. Is he right to keep on at me? of course he is! We all know it's important to have a will but many of us"'still haven't got around to it" "to busy" "I'll do it next week" and the excuse list goes on.

Anti-Climb Solutions can be designed for most applications:- Whether it's to stop individuals gaining access to a low level roof area, prevent someone climbing a post/drain pipe or just to stop people climbing over your wall or fence. We have a variety of systems that we use each specific to the on site application. Rotating Vanes and Spikes - These offer a strong visible deterrent to discourage an attempt to access the protected area. The vanes and spikes are rotating units making it very difficult for someone to try and use them to hold onto or pass.

These automated glazed automatic doors are traditionally found in shops, offices, hospitals, public buildings etc.and are familiar to most of us. Automation equipment can be adapted to suit most door applications and the options for door activation are immense. We have used the familiar high level sensor, beam breaks, press to exit switches, keypad, swipe card, proximity readers and even fingerprint readers. Automatic Sliding Doors are perfect for the high traffic areas. The double lobby door set often found in hotel entrances serves both a practical and economical purpose by providing the convenience of the automatic doors and also enabling a comfortable temperature to be maintained inside the building by keeping the airflow exchange down to a minimum between the entrance lobby and the outside.

Automated Gates create the right impression to both Visitors and potential Intruders. Electric Gates are one of the few Security Solutions that provide Security with Style. They keep unwanted visitors and callers OUT, keep your children and pets IN and achieve this in a very appealing way that does not hinder your daily lives. Electric gates have previously been perceived as an item exclusive to stately homes. However, more people are starting to realise the security benefits and convenience that these systems offer.

Intruder Alarm have been an essential part of most Security Systems for both residential and commercial properties for many years. However, today they have become far more sophisticated than most people imagine. When an Alarm activation occurs these systems are able to notify a Central Monitoring Station, your Mobile Phone, your Neighbour, a Security Company or who ever you choose, giving you piece of mind that someone knows about the activation even if you are on holiday. Intruders - Fire - Co2 Gas - Water Overflows - Freezer Failure and can also have External Detectors connected to the system so you even know about an intruder at the property before they break in.

Access Control systems can vary from a Single Door Audio or Video Intercom system that enables you to talk/see an individual at the door and then release the door via the entry phone handset all the way up to a full Data Base controlled system with hundreds of doors where individuals have specific rights of access eg. to certain doors, on certain days, between certain times. The doors can be accessed by just presenting a small tag to a door reader or by inputting a keycode or even via fingerprint recognition.

The DDA applies to all employers and everyone who provides a service to the public, except the Armed Forces. It is a law designed to end discrimination against disabled people. It also meets the needs of small to medium sized businesses because it is flexible enough to take account of your business's individual circumstances. We know you are short on time, so this web site concentrates on the most important things you have to know about the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). It is intended as a quick guide and it is not an authoritative statement of the law.