At Securipol we are proud of our hard won reputation for personalised, professional services in security. We offer a range of products which we tailor into packages that are as individual as the needs of our clients. By offering services in both the Manned and the Electronic Security sectors we ensure that the solutions we offer use of the best features of both to create an effective security package.

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Frequently after a crime or serious incident the first question asked will be "is there any CCTV we can view?". CCTV has now become an essential tool in the fight against crime and is also seen as a useful deterrent. Securipol can design, install and maintain a high definition system tailored to suit your individual requirements that will provide DVD quality live and recorded images which can be viewed at your premises or even remotely.

In many places it is necessary to let staff and approved visitors enter or leave a building, or part of a building while still restricting the movement of visitors. This is easily achieved using Access Control where a card, fob or code is needed to unlock a door. Securipol can design and install a system tailored to your individual needs, to cover any number of doors, even if the doors are in different buildings.

Out of hours Mobile patrols deter unwanted access to a property and are useful in dealing with some specific security issues. For example problems like vandalism, rough sleeping and drug abuse which take place around a premises, will not cause a Burglar Alarm to activate but will impact the safety of staff and visitors. Also, a door or window left unsecured is an invitation for an opportunist to enter the building. NB Securipol can sort out security problems on patrolled sites that are also covered by our Lock and Unlock or Alarm Response services.

Traditionally using a security guard was considered the only solution to securing a property and although there are now more options available there remain many circumstances where a guard is the best option. A professionally trained, uniformed, SIA Licensed guard can respond to the changing circumstances of a live incident and having eyes, ears and experience on site can help to reduce the risk of an incident or ensure the correct to response after an incident.

Using electronic security systems to protect your premises, possessions and people is now so common that it is considered to be normal by most businesses, public sector providers and home owners, although the range of systems available can become confusing. By carrying out a comprehensive risk assessment of your premises and individual circumstances Securipol can help you to decide what would be the best solution, or combination of solutions, to your security requirements and then assemble competitive, no nonsense proposals without obligation or cost.