The Securahomes system is a complete monitored home protection/care system for you and your family providing a unique three in one service incorporating full intruder alarm protection, fire/smoke detection, panic attack and a medical alert facility all for less than ??1 per day.

Serviced Areas

  • Bradford, Keighley & Skipton

Contact Details

  City Bradford
  Postcode BD12 8BJ
  Address Providence Works/Providence Pl Wyke
  Phone Number 012 7467 6567

From Our Website

We are confident that our range of products and services will provide you with the right solution at the right price. We provide and install a comprehensive range of smart security and safety systems, covering fire systems, burglar alarms, access control, CCTV and monitored security, as well as providing annual servicing and system maintenance. Installing the correct fire alarm for your business premises is paramount. We will work with you to develop a system that is right for your premises to help minimise loss and property damage, whilst providing an early warning system for you and your staff.

Securacom has been trusted to protect thousands of people and their property for over 15 years. As a complete security provider we specialise in designing, installing and maintaining domestic and commercial security systems that provide peace-of-mind. Securacom is becoming one of the UK's trusted independent providers of smart home and business security systems, delivering affordable solutions that provide confidence, security and wellbeing. As a family-owned business we understand the value of home and work security and safety, which is why our team of friendly engineers are happy to help you choose the right system that fits your needs and budget.

Access control can be used on just one door or all entry points. Installing access control on your main entrance door allows staff to enter without the need for issuing keys and enables you to control who can come gain access to your property. Hands-free access control systems allows the system to register a person as they approach the door. The visitor doesn't need to use a fob or a card as the system automatically detects up the presence of a fob or a card in a pocket or inside a vehicle. This is particularly useful for people carrying items or vehicular traffic at gates.

We install and maintain a smart loop fire system, incorporating smoke and heat detectors, manual call points and beacons. Our range of systems can be fully managed by a remote monitoring station, or local monitoring if preferred. In accordance to BS 5839 part 1 of 2008, every place of work where there are two or more occupants must have reasonable means possible of notifying everyone of a fire or potential fire. The best way to accomplish this is to install a fire alarm system in accordance to Bs5839 part 1 of 2008.

We sell and install a range of smart CCTV solutions, tailored to meet your individual security needs. Our systems are designed to operate in the home and in the workplace, as well as helping to secure multi-site environments. I feel I must draw your attention to the very efficient way one of your employees dealt with my call. I was on my own in the house when a firework was put through my letterbox and exploded, burning my stair carpet and filling my upstairs rooms full of smoke. I cannot express just how reassuring it was when you took over and called the emergency services, I was shaking too much to dial! Thank you all!

All alarm systems need to be maintained to ensure they are in full working order. Our team of engineers can carry out a comprehensive service to make sure your alarm system will work when it needs too! You don't need to have one of our systems to benefit from our maintenance and annual servicing; we currently carry out annual servicing and maintenance on thousands of systems so let our expertise look after your system. I feel I must draw your attention to the very efficient way one of your employees dealt with my call.