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From concept to completion, through installation, management and aftercare maintenance, the fulfilment of an expectation for the highest level of professional service is our mission. Our team of security specialists are able to implement the most demanding of systems from remote and mobile CCTV monitoring to specialised security and are qualified and certified by auditing authorities to meet the standards necessary for working with the full range of commercial, industrial and service industries.

Onwatch designs, integrates and installs Permanent safety and security systems and Rents Temporary Systems that assists in the effective management of risks to persons and property. Their aftercare service for Monitoring and Maintenance ensures that the enhanced performance of an Onwatch system is maintained throughout its working life. The addition of vision enables our controllers to visually verify when a threat arises and are able to take real time action to avert the risk with the use of an audio warning and the earliest summons of response by an arresting authority, or an appointed security service and key holder with the absence of a false alarm disturbance.

It is important that the Onwatch Operations Centre is the first to know about equipment faults and is able to respond and restore a system to full functionality. Fault reports emanate from various devices within the onsite equipment and do not usually render the whole system defunct. However, there are two elements that are supplied by the customer, namely power and communications link. Systems are equipped with uninterrupted power supply (UPS) units that will deal with short breaks in power but a power off alarm is generated as an alarm and will be responded to with a call to the site in working hours or the key holder for out of hours alarms.

Camera systems can observe and record the activities of an entire site continuously and recordings can be stored for a range of periods appropriate to the needs of good governance. It is an excellent management tool maximising the range and coverage of the operators and providing reliably accurate records of incidents. Health and Safety issues require high profile risk management techniques and video recordings and portable video access are providing invaluable services to accident control. For non 24 hours operating sites the Night Time site management reverts to the Onwatch Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) by activating the detection system at final exit.