NASIC provides an association of independent companies that you can trust to design, install and maintain systems to the highest industry standards. The member companies have been selected for their established local reputations, their commitment to quality and the ability to provide a wide range of services Within the group we have the unrivalled expertise to provide cost effective, solutions based designs for the intruder alarms, access control, CCTV, fire detection systems as well as traffic barriers, gate automation, locks and safes.

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It really is a case of the best of both worlds. Local service run by highly motivated independent businessmen on a national level. No national company has our breadth of cover with over 50 companies across the UK and Ireland many of whom have more than one trading address. Our purchasing agreements mean that we can take on the largest of national companies on a equal footing. The group does not have a dedicated sales force as each company employs its own sales force. This means the client can chose how they want their branches serviced; either by one member company and that company will be responsible for billing and administration or directly with all the companies and still have the same specification installed to the same standards.

Whatever your security needs, the fundamental measure you need to take is a physical barrier to keep intruders out. Among the companies within the NASIC group, many are also members of the Association of Master Locksmiths and accredited to provide top quality locks for all manner of needs and situations. As well as locks there is the full range of physical barriers to intrusion, grills shutters, barriers, etc. We can offer high-security master key systems, or special keys to prevent them being duplicated without authorisation.

It can be hard work to find a professional, reliable and reputable security company when you really need one. All our installers are Gold accredited by the UK's leading security inspectorates for your peace of mind. This way you know what you are getting; quality, reliability and value for money.

The intruder alarm should be a minimum basic security requirement for your property or premises, but there is nothing basic about the equipment on the market today. In fact, there has never been a time when you could feel more confident. The advanced design of intruder-alarm systems today means that anywhere in or around your property or premises can be protected and monitored. And with central station monitoring of your intruder alarm you enjoy that comfort and security 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The NASIC business exists as a non-profit making organisation for the benefit of its members and customers. We strive to achieve a competitive advantage in our industry that preserves the member's businesses, keeps them profitable and at the forefront of technology and innovation. As a member you are under no obligation to carry out work for other members but a national framework agreement does exist that is taken up by the majority of companies. Individual agreements are also common to cover more specialist work.

Businesses are targets of crime, which costs companies millions of pounds each year. It is therefore very important that adequate measures are taken to protect your business from break-ins and fire. The financial consequences for businesses affected by burglary or fire can be devastating and many companies never recover from the after-effects. For many companies one of the most likely targets for burglars is computer equipment, so they are likely to lose much, if not all, of their electronic records.

The benefits of CCTV lies in obtaining and recording information, making it not only an incredibly powerful tool in the fight against crime, particularly in deterring thieves and other criminals from private property, but CCTV can also make an excellent tool in management. Controlling staff activities across large sites, especially monitoring production lines in the manufacturing industry. Whether you want it for health and safety reasons or to supervise at a distance. A record of events in supervised areas can be a vital element in preventing false insurance claims being laid against you.

The majority of us don't think about the consequences of a break-in or even that there is any need to install an effective security device until it is too late. All of the companies in the NASIC group are experienced in helping homeowners choose the best method of protecting their home whether it be with a simple burglar alarm system or integrated CCTV system. You benefit from having a fully accredited, local installer who you can be sure is a well respected member of the security industry offering a professional installation as well as ongoing maintenance.