NT Systems can supply and install a wide range of secure power fencing systems for any application. These systems can be connected to your intruder signalling systems to alert guards on/off-site. Utilising SMS technologies or Direct from alarm recieving centres. Please contact us for more information and price guidlines

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The quality of your security system is important, and that will be determined by the quality of the design and installation. With over 30 years of expertise and extensive accreditation, we have the knowledge and skill to keep you safe. Why bother protecting your property if the installation process causes massive disruption? We offer wireless installations which don't require masses of cabling - and they can sometimes be installed within hours. Unnecessary complexity leads to system inefficiency - you shouldn't have to be an engineer to work your security system!

NT Systems is built on a core of extensive experience in the security systems industry. We know how security systems work having watched them develop over the years - and designed lots of unique systems for different commercial and residential customers. We have an exceptional knowledge of building construction ensuring our installations are carried out efficiently with the least amount of disruption. How can we prove the quality of our service? An assertion of quality is not the same as assurance.

Door entry systems are useful ways of keeping the wrong people out both in the home and the business. A well designed system ensures that you can refuse or grant access even when you're not on the premises. If you want an added layer of safety in the home - or just don't want to open the door to salesmen - a door entry system can be the answer. Featuring intercom systems and remote unlocking or opening mechanisms, you can gauge whether you want to let someone in on your own home or mobile phone without having to go to the door.

Fire alarm systems are obviously important, but they don't do you much good if you're not nearby. Our fire alarm systems will warn you of the need to leave the building as with any other system. However, our systems will also send an alert through to an alarm receiving centre which in turn will bring a fire brigade response. This ensure that your business has access to rapid fire response even when you're away. We use BT Redcare fire communication systems. We also design, install and maintain BS5839 Part 1 fire systems.

We install, maintain and monitor a number of different CCTV technologies ranging from high resolution analogue to megapixel IP Systems from a range of quality manufacturers. Our systems include closed circuit CCTV, off-site monitored CCTV and specialist monitoring systems designed for fire detection, process control and other uses. An advantage less often thought of with CCTV is the psychological aspect: people are less likely to try anything untoward if they can see that they're being watched by a CCTV camera.

Controlling access is a serious business, but in some situations it's also something you need to be able to use frequently and easily. Our new generation technology allows us to build access control systems which can be used easily in the everyday business or home environment with proximity readers, hands free readers and your own mobile phone.