MHS Alarm Services Ltd is a UK Midlands based company specialising in the supply, installation, maintenance and monitoring of Fire, Intruder, Access Control and CCTV systems, all on a national basis. We are specialists in security systems for Police Premises and Courts Premises. We are recognised by the major insurance companies and are on the recognised approved list of 30 County Police Forces in the UK.

Serviced Areas

  • Sandwell

Contact Details

  City Cradley Heath
  Postcode B64 6DT
  Address Security Ho/Court St
  Phone Number 013 8456 6633

From Our Website

MHS Alarm Services has a Service Department which is the envy of the Fire Alarm and Security Industry. Our Service Engineers are very adaptable. For example, most of our service engineers can repair and maintain Fire Alarm, Security Alarms, Access Control, CCTV systems, Nurse Call Systems, Emergency lighting, Electrical contracting.

MHS Alarm Services is very aware of the risks these days faced by shopkeepers, doctors, counter clerks etc., when dealing with strangers. You may have seen on the television just recently that personal attacks are on the increase. MHS is able to provide silent personal attack systems which are linked to the police * or stand alone systems which can create a very load noise to warn others and hopefully frighten the attacker away. We can even provide radio type transmitters at relatively low cost to enable freedom of movement yet the security of a 'body worn' trigger unit.

MHS Alarm Services is proud to be an approved supplier/installer of the Smokecloak™ smoke generating system. The Smokecloak™ system is designed to prevent theft of stock and equipment by filling the area with an impenetrable fog-like white smoke. The machine is activated instantly by our intruder alarm system and bridges that vital gap between the intruder being detected and the police arriving. The vapour is non-toxic and leaves little or no deposit. The density is controlled by a remote sensor which reactivates the unit if the level thins out before the keyholder arrives.

MHS Alarm Services can provide Fire Extinguishers, carry out maintenance and training on a nationwide basis so you can be assured that you have the correct equipment at hand and it will function should it be needed in an emergency. Our technicians and company are regulated by BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment) and we are members of the FIA and FPA.

Please note: At least 24 hours notice is required to complete keyholder changes and updates cannot be made at weekends or public holidays. Do NOT advise any alarm PIN codes on this form as we do not need, or wish to know them. I understand that the above keyholder details will be passed to local Police Headquarters and in the event of an alarm activation, a keyholder will be contacted to attend site. Should any of the above keyholders change, I will advise the company in writing immediately.

Protect your property from thieves by having an intruder alarm system fitted on your property by Birmingham's specialist security and fire alarm sytem firm; MHS Alarm Services. MHS Alarm Services has been designing, installing and maintaining intruder alarm systems since the 1970's. We are a NSI/NACOSS member and will almost certainly be on the approved list of your local police force.

MHS Alarm Services provide state of the art access control systems for all purposes from ranging from simple keypads to control a single door to sophisticated systems which allow access to certain persons at certain times with full logging and video recording. As an example of a good use of a simple access control system, an inexpensive keypad could be fitted to a door to allow staff entry to the building but keep out others. No keys to worry about to get lost! No change of lock when someone leaves!

MHS Alarm Services, based in Birmingham, West Midlands has been designing and installing Closed Circuit Television Systems for a number of years. Our systems range from small video and video entry/audio systems to systems which can provide 'Town Centre' coverage, complete with 'Hard Disk' solid state recording capabilities. Cameras can be viewed on individual monitors or combined to form a split picture on one monitor. They can then all be recorded on a single video recorder at the same time! We also have a range of covert equipment which can observe your premises without the 'customer' knowing that he is being viewed.