AHJones is one of the leading providers of information and legal support services in the South West of England. Founded in 1973, we provide comprehensive and accurate information enabling you to make effective decisions essential in today's competitive world. Our central location at Exeter and our knowledge of the area, brings economic and strategic advantages to our clients in Banking, Commerce, Industry, Insurance & the Legal Profession. To private clients we offer a discreet and confidential service providing evidence, information and peace of mind in times of need.

Serviced Areas

  • Exeter, Honiton & Tiverton

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  City Exeter
  Postcode EX1 2BJ
  Address 45 Clifton Rd
  Phone Number 013 9227 8612

From Our Website

Our expertise, combined with the latest private detective techniques, means we are ideally placed to deliver a comprehensive range of private investigative services. With our HQ in Exeter, Devon, we work throughout the UK and around the world. Our private detectives and investigators are resourceful, inquisitive and patient. Utilising their communication and decision-making skills, they gather the right information in a legal, professional and timely manner on behalf of our clients. Established in 1973, we have many years of experience and a comprehensive understanding of the law enabling us to provide a discreet, highly effective and professional solution to your private or professional investigative needs.

Matrimonial Surveillance is the discreet investigations into a spouse's activities to provide either peace of mind or confirm suspicions of cheating, deceit or similar. Our matrimonial investigators carry out covert surveillance and collate comprehensive evidence to enable our client to make a conclusion either way. As well as Matrimonial Surveillance, our team can conduct detailed investigations to aid a fair divorce. For example, our team may uncover assets that a partner owns which rightfully belong to our client.

We deliver professional private investigative services to solicitors, corporate and commercial clients as well as private individuals. We provide a fully comprehensive investigative service for all sectors of the legal profession. We utilise our extensive network of agents to tailor our services to meet specific private investigative needs. Information, in its many forms, is crucial in legal procedures; from witness statements to background checks, covert surveillance, and more.

Surveillance is covert if it is done in a way that tries to ensure the subject is unaware it is, or could be, taking place. The intelligence gathered through covert surveillance can then be used in a number of ways, such as in court proceedings. We typically carry out directed surveillance. This involves the covert monitoring of a person's (or people's) movements, conversations and other activities. Surveillance can be targeted at individuals on behalf of a private client or a solicitor. Likewise, we also carry out commercial surveillance to aid the prevention of commercial corruption or threat, for example.