Our business started in 1997 Interconnective supplies security products & support services to facilities services industry. The cornerstone of our business is commitment make sure we do what we promise. Interconnective is well known for producing the security industry information website Infologue.com which regularly provides news & commentary. Bobby Logue, director of Interconnective has published articles on the future on the industry, the article was ?“Even Dinosaurs can learn to Dance?”

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  City High Wycombe
  Postcode HP13 6SE
  Address Priory Gate House/7 Priory Rd
  Phone Number 0845-130-4008

From Our Website

CAT S41 The Cat S41 rugged smartphone has so much battery power it can charge other devices and accessories with its Battery Share feature. It is built to handle the extreme conditions you face every day at work and play. Ever since its establishment in 2000, Interconnective Security Products has been passionate about improving both the protection, and the tools of the trade, of frontline security personnel. All our core products are underpinned by supplier research and development facilities, with a clear roadmap as to future developments, based on customer feedback.

2014 was a year of transition and as such was a difficult year, especially in overrunning M&A activity. The transition related to a significant shift into smarter products. The two mature developed products were significant contributors to the Interconnective Security Products division namely, The Partner Patrol System 38.9% (2012 - 27.9%) and Jack Ellis Body Protection 42.5% (2012 - 34.5%). Our newly launched SecurityGear Website contributed 12.14% to turnover. Disappointingly, the smart products contributed 6.46% to turnover.