Intelitag specialises in flexible, reliable and highly effective products and systems for library securty and other resource centres. We can secure stock for libraries large and small, hospitals, schools, tourist centres, leisure centres, commercial centres, and all kinds of information bureaux and archives. A wide range of products and solutions is coupled with an open-minded approach to library security.

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As well as the Library Security Solutions range of tagging detection systems, we can supply additional security services and measures to give round-the-clock protection. In general, we look to undertake a security audit of you operation, before recommending the best solution. This takes into account various factors such as line of sight, exits, clustering or dispersing features, and so forth. The tagging systems will operate independently, or can be part of a wider security strategy. Our systems can integrate with CCTV or access control technology, for example.

We can supply a security system that suits your individual needs. This is backed up by a comprehensive range of services, and we can undertake an audit of your particular set up and recommend the best solution. Our products and solutions are ideal for libraries, information centres, schools, archives, hospitals, and other commercial applications.

The Library EM Tag Programme offers a wide variety of efficient EM tags and labels. This helps to ensure the handling and circulation processes are as efficient and quick as possible. All EM tags and labels have been specifically designed to protect the expanding range of media formats. Once protected by an EM label, each application enables the safe and reliable circulation of material for an indefinite period. The Library Security Solutions Library Tag Programme is designed to meet the individual handling and circulation requirements of all kinds of circulating systems.

Our Electromagnetic systems are specially developed to be installed in any library, shop or warehouse. The streamlined designs integrate effectively into any environment. The EM systems take full advantage of the latest advances in electromagnetic technology, both in electronic sophistication, and antenna design. They're engineered to ensure optimum protection of all secured merchandise, in any environment. Library Security Solutions EM systems offer maximum protection for a wider variety of security labels.

The tagging system is the backbone of all library security strategies. But of the other options, by far the most effective is CCTV, linked into the tagging system. Commonly a 24-hour model is used, with either real-time recording, or 12 and 24 hour time-lapse. The system can record round the clock, for pre-programmed blocks of time, or manually at the press of a button. An indicator light indicates an incident. A pulse on the tape stops it at the right place during fast rewind. On-screen information guides you to the correct place on the film, for the last 999 incidents.

We currently have in excess of 500 clients, across a range of sectors. All are generally involved in the world of books or printed resources, or have a department in that field. Two years ago I managed to get the go-ahead to have a security system installed in the School Library after many years of "losing" a vast amount of stock. I decided to opt for a Security Tagging system by Library Security Solutions. They were extremely helpful in explaining the technical side of things, and they provided a quick, efficient and professional installation.

Library Security Solutions Radio Frequency (RF) systems employ the latest generation electronics, offering performance levels way ahead of other technology. Recent developments in Digital Signal Processing and Background Cancellation Suppression allow our systems to perform at wider aisle distances, with unprecedented detection rates - even in the harshest environments. Virtually all layouts can be catered for. RF systems are more compact than their electromagnetic counterparts, and are generally easier to set up.