GuardHome provide security system services to homes and businesses. GuardHome?ís aim is give their clients the re-assurance that their family, property or business is protected by a reliable, well-designed, state of the art security system. GuardHome ensure all their clients are completely happy with their systems and can use them effectively. They take pride in providing an on-going service, not just a system, and are always happy to give help and advice.

Serviced Areas

  • Brentwood & Harlow

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  City Harlow
  Postcode CM17 0HD
  Address 35 Old Rd
  Phone Number 012 7932 4837

From Our Website

GuardHome's head office is in Harlow Essex. The company was founded by Eric Chorley with the aim of offering customers modern security systems that were right for them along with excellent service. GuardHome has grown but is committed to the original goals set by Eric. Alarm systems are often purchased by businesses or home owners under stressful circumstances following a break in or attempted break in. Even when that is not the case there is usually a degree of urgency and the customer is at a disadvantage against unscrupulous companies and their salesmen.

Even a relatively short delay between a fire starting and its detection can be enough to cost lives. Many homeowners never wake up when a fire starts because the fumes kill them while they are asleep. Employees can become trapped in building because they find out about a fire too late. In aprivate residential homeit pays to have smoke detectors fitted and by having them as part of the main alarm system you can be alerted by your phone even when you are out. Time is of the essence with fires. In the workplacethere are strict laws governing how fire risks should be assessed and severe consequences if someone dies as a result of inadequate precautions - including not having alarms designed, installed, commissioned and maintained by approved suppliers (complying with BS5839).

CCTV systems are a major deterrent to thieves and vandals, because they are so effective at identifying culprits. GuardHome's systems are discrete and easy to manage, because of their state-of-the-art technology. Most homes are poorly protected against burglaries. If you strengthen your security and make it obvious your will greatly reduce your chances of being burgled. Physical security is essential but alarms and CCTV are powerful deterrents. When we carry out a survey we consider all aspects of your security and are able to advise on.

There is no mess or channeling into walls when your alarm is fitted so there is no redecorating to do. Each sensor can be fitted in the most suitable position rather than where the wiring requirments dictates - and that makes the sensor more effective. It is easy to change your systems or add other sensors to it. It is possible to fit alarms and sensors were wired alarms are inpracticable. For example, listed building and outbuildings can be cater for. Wireless key fobs can be used instead of having to key in numbers to a keypad - simple and easy every time.