Fraud, theft and corruption present ever increasing dangers to corporate profitability in the global marketplace. We put control back into your hands. Farleigh Investigations have protected and recovered the assets of leading corporations and public organisations since 1979. We specialise in the prevention and investigation of corporate fraud, commercial and political risk assessment, asset tracing, surveillance, and security consultancy.

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For over 30 years Farleigh Consultants Ltd. has built an outstanding reputation based on the skill and expertise of its staff. All our operators combine operational service at senior levels in the Police and Military with wide-ranging practical experience in the Commercial and Financial worlds. After extensive consultation with you and a thorough assessment of your company's needs, our teams can be discreetly deployed locally or globally with the minimum of fuss to mitigate and resolve problems from huge to minor, from Governmental to company based.

In a rapidly changing society the need for vigilance, safety and the legal requirements for corporate responsibility are increasing and are a main focus of current and proposed Government legislation. Our professionally experienced staff combine operational service at senior levels in the police and military with extensive practical experience in the commercial and financial worlds and have acted in an advisory capacity to national governments and other public authorities, helping to develop and implement Security Policy Documents and contingency planning.

Most people convicted of stealing or committing fraud from their employer have no previous convictions and are responding to a negative change in their domestic or financial situations. Farleigh Consultants will unobtrusively and professionally monitor any suspicion of fraud or stealing from a company, to mitigate the consequences and ensure that the problem is quickly and discreetly resolved. Insider crime can have serious effects on the reputation, both financial and public, of a company. Professional in-depth and constant vetting of staff is the most effective way to ensure that your business is in a strong, vigilant position to prevent internal fraud or removal of goods.

Guaranteeing to provide the best possible solutions to your security needs through best practice, Farleigh Consultants will analyse every aspect of your business or facilities to gain a clear overview of all current and projected security strengths and weaknesses. Using our combined decades of professional experience we present a focussed view of current security threats. This will enable us to present you with a comprehensive, cost-effective plan of action which will clearly identify the areas needing attention by demonstrating the level of performance required in these areas to be a fully effective solution both physically and financially.

Your quality of staff and level of customer service defines your company's image in the eyes of your clients and is an area which needs a careful but constant level of quality control. You need to be certain that your staff are projecting and maintaining your company's policies and procedures in a consistent, professional manner whilst they are treating you and your clients honestly in the manner which would be expected. Using this service can also ensure that your staff are working within the law regarding sales of restricted items and can identify where extra training is required to guarantee full compliance with all current legislation.

Farleigh Consultants Asset Tracing Team, united with a firm grounding of Due Diligence, will verify that any company which you deal with has the backing and support which they claim to have, including identification and valuation of assets, location of hidden assets, verification of asset worth and acquisition or partnership confirmation. With decades of global experience and through our bespoke service, our teams can provide guaranteed support to any business decision using strategic planning and expertly assembled information.

A visible or invisible shield protecting you and your assets Farleigh Consultants provide the most experienced professionals and the best cover of protection at all times wherever you are, whatever you are doing. By carefully calculating your needs and the level of discretion required, we will deliver an individually constructed plan which will give you continuous peace of mind. Our years of experience have enabled us to supply the correct and unobtrusive level of protection to individuals and commercial clients, in any environment, including hostile whatever the attendant risk.

Using the latest technology, some of which is unique to us, our researchers can probe every facet from current and historical traces of an individual, either in the UK or abroad, compiling an accurate report which in turn leads to a successful outcome in locating a person who has deliberately disappeared from society. Using information unavailable to the general public, Farleigh's researchers undertake the best, most cost efficient approach, from direct or indirect enquiries, to expedite a quick and successful result.