Falcon Systems are approved by NACOSS, the national approval service that sets standards for electronic security devices and installations for homes and businesses. NACOSS is recognised by UK police forces and insurance companies. Falcon?ís approval is to NACOSS Gold standard, for systems installation and maintenance. This means you can rest assured that you are dealing with a company who work to the highest standards of technical expertise, integrity and service.

Serviced Areas

  • Gloucester & Cheltenham, Worcester

Contact Details

  City Gloucester
  Postcode GL2 9ND
  Address Waterman House/Walham Sandhurst
  Phone Number 014 5230 9835

From Our Website

Whether domestic or commercial, schools or farms we help keep you and your property safe and secure. We provide security for the whole of the Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Oxfordshire regions.

Unbiased advice you can rely on. We're not tied to any manufacturer which leaves us free to recommend the best solution for your real needs, not just the package a supplier is promoting. Competitive prices, guaranteed workmanship and after-care that will leave you feeling safe and secure. Falcon Security Solutions are NSI Silver approved for the installation of CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Alarms. Our engineers are fully trained in the design, installation, testing commissioning and maintenance of fire alarm systems to the highest industry standards.

Make sure your home or business is adequately protected if a fire breaks out by having the correct fire extinguishers available in the right places. It isn't enough to simply have extinguishers dotted around the premises. To offer any protection, they must be of the right type to tackle fires based on the immediate environment and risks and you must feel comfortable that they'll be in full working order if you need to use them. We'll help you select the correct extinguishers for your business and will keep them serviced properly so they work correctly, should you ever need them.

When you're open for business it is important to allow staff and customers to access your building. However, many buildings are a haven for opportunist thieves during opening hours. Quite often you will find open doors and unoccupied offices that are a treasure trove with laptops, PC's and printers obvious targets, as well as sensitive information for identity theft such as staff wallets etc. Each have their own practical uses and can be used in conjunction with each other to keep your property safe without locking your staff, customers and suppliers out altogether.

Many businesses that suffer from serious burglary have irreparable damage with many never fully recovering with the worst cases having to close altogether. Business Continuity is of paramount importance and a part of that armoury is an alarm system that hugely reduces the threat of attack on your business premises, stock and information. Have your system custom-designed so that it addresses the real risks your business faces. All our engineers are fully-qualified (link to NACOSS details page) in all aspects of security so they will discuss with you your real concerns and will provide you with solid practical advice.

As any victim of a burglary will tell you, even the smallest of break-ins leaves you feeling vulnerable and scared. With burglary on the rise in 2018, don't wait until it's too late. There are house alarm solutions to fit every requirement from simple access point detection through to full home automation systems that control lights, curtains and TV's to make any potential burglar think there's someone home. Whatever your budget, it's important to choose a solution that's right for you, so we only use fully-qualified security engineers to survey, cost and install your system.

Properly designed, a Good Security Solution should not stifle your business. It really should act like putting an Ozone Layer around your business. It lets the good things in and out but puts a protective layer around it to stop anything bad getting in. No two installations are ever the same as the risks facing every business are completely different. However, Falcon has experts in all aspects of security who would be happy to advise and help you choose the most appropriate solution. We offer a range of bespoke solutions from small standalone solutions to those that integrate with full building management systems.

And in cases of such occurrence, even a basic modern security system can call the police, summon medical help, text you if you're away - and more. This is why we don't often recommend off-the-shelf solutions. We listen to your concerns, carry out a thorough survey of your property and then work out the most cost-effective way to achieve your aims. This is free of charge. And if you decide it's right for you, then we guarantee all our work for 2 whole years.