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Here at Crime Prevention Products we have a carefully selected range of internal and external quality professional looking dummy CCTV Cameras complete with all mountings and fixings. Our Dummy CCTV cameras are a cost-effective way of protecting your home or office from thieves and intruders and although there are many cheap imitation cameras available today, ours have stood the test of time and are used by security professionals, police and Local Authorities. For a fraction of the price of real security cameras, you could implement an effective deterrent to criminals.

High quality Fire safety items from low cost Carbon Monoxide Detector Patches and battery operated Carbon Monoxide Detectors to the specialist anti-arson letterboxes recommended by Fire Brigades throughout the UK. We also offer high quality smoke alarms and fire blankets. Satellites orbiting Earth are increasing like crazy - how do we prevent them from crashing?

You will not find a better personal attack alarm for your personal safety, or a wider range anywhere (ours are not the same few alarms simply in different colours, they are all different to give you the widest choice). The range is fully approved and certified for use in the EU and include legal personal attack defence sprays. You can scroll through the whole list below or click on any of the grouped choices above. There are no cheap materials used in our manufacturing process which is why we are Preferred Suppliers to the NHS - Ministry of Defence - Foreign Office - Commercial Banks - Blue Chip Companies and The Red Cross etc. Crime Pevention Products alarms are certainly the best.

We offer a range of very cost-effective home security products for your property such as, room or shed alarm and garage alarms, window alarm, door chains, door alarms and locking devices. Crime Prevention Products also have some unique concepts such as safe books, door stop wedge alarms, garden wall spikes. Read the C-P-P articles on General Home Security and Home Security while on Holiday for examples of why the Home Security measures we offer are useful precautions to choose. Satellites orbiting Earth are increasing like crazy - how do we prevent them from crashing?

The highest quality CCTV Cameras around at great prices. Our cameras are very easy to install and can run on the mains using the adaptor supplied. Here you will find a good quality analogue wireless camera that has the capability of sending its signal approximately 100m or up to 400 meters (with an antenna) to the receiver that simply connects to your TV. Alternatively a Security Floodlight that sends a wireless signal to a receiver in the house AND at the same time takes still or moving images from a hidden camera.