At Control Zone Security we maintain a high standard of installation with emphasis on customer satisfaction and delivering a rapid and efficient back up service. The company has gained approval by S.S.A.I.B. and is now able to install security systems that can be connected to a 24hr manned Central Station, the approval also means that the company is listed on the P.S.N.I. list of recognised installers

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  City Dromore
  Postcode BT25 2NT
  Address 112 Aughnaskeagh Rd Dromara
  Phone Number 028 9753 3506

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Gareth gained vast experience during this time with regard to all aspects of security systems, especially those which required levels of installation and service to a very high standard. Gareth was also involved in the installation of security systems in banks and other high security installations which has provided him with a vast technical expertise in both design and installation of many different types of systems. Gareth was also involved in a number of projects overseas which required special expertise and knowledge of intricate systems.

Control Zone Security offers special deals for building contractors to install security solutions into new buildings. At Control Zone we install the first fix, second fix and will happily hand the system over to the customer, this includes a complete demonstration carried out by the engineer. We also provide a 5 year warranty with a free 24 hour call out service on all systems. Please note whilst all jobs are being installed we are fully covered with insurance to work on any premises/site. Contact Us now for more information on our 'Builders Specials'.

With Closed Circuit Video Equipment, the system can be used as a deterrent, whilst also ensuring that any criminal or suspicious activity is recorded on video to aid Police in apprehending culprits, 24 hours a day. In high-risk areas, where the public, employers or even your premises may be at risk, Control Zone Security can install surveillance cameras which will transmit pictures to a security station, enabling trained operators to see your site at the push of a button, and even shadow suspicious characters around the premises.

Security lighting systems can add an extra dimension to your total security solution, illuminating you home or business upon activation.