Concept Smoke Screen generators are incredibly powerful security smoke systems. Smoke Screen is designed to remove the primary sense of sight and in doing so defend property and defeat intruders and burglars. We pride ourselves on excellence in service for both manufacture and installation of market leading security systems.

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  City Boston
  Postcode PE20 3LR
  Address North End Swineshead
  Phone Number 012 0582 1002

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Our passion for development has created an open-platform intelligent network of integrated fog generators and accessories putting you in control and guaranteeing availability of equipment. The moment a break-in takes place, the room is quickly filled with dense, harmless fog that challenges and repels intruders, making it virtually impossible for them to see anything. Smoke Screen's passionate and knowledgeable product designers are always looking at the most effective ways to stretch the limits of technology to provide the most intelligent and innovative anti-intruder fog security system - protecting you, your property and the welfare of your people.

At Concept Smoke Screen we take our environmental obligations very seriously and constantly strive to minimise any environmental impact of the products we sell. To comply with the WEEE Regulations 2013 we label all relevant products with the crossed out wheelie bin symbol and are members of the Comply Direct WEEE compliance scheme. Comply Direct have registered us with the Environment Agency as a Producer and will arrange to have any of our equipment collected and recycled as necessary. Comply Direct can be contacted on 0844 873 1034.