The Mosquito ultrasonic teenage deterrent is the solution to the eternal problem of unwanted gatherings of youths and teenagers in shopping malls, around shops and anywhere else they are causing problems. The presence of these teenagers discourages genuine shoppers and customers? from coming into your shop, affecting your turnover and profits. Anti social behavior has become the biggest threat to private property over the last decade and there has been no effective deterrent until now.

Serviced Areas

  • Heads of the Valleys

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  City Merthyr Tydfil
  Postcode CF47 0GE
  Address Glynmil Cl
  Phone Number 016 8538 2772

From Our Website

Do you want peace and quiet in your own home and garden? Do you always want your business premises to remain secure and safe from teens unwanted behaviour? Do you want to take back control without confrontation? If the answer is yes, it's simple. The Mosquito ultrasonic anti-loitering device. A safe, benign way of preventing anti-social behaviour. The Mosquito works by exploiting a medical condition called presbycusis - or more simply put age-related hearing loss. As we age, our ability to hear higher frequency sounds is reduced.