Credit card misuse and fraud is costing the UK more than ??400 million a year ? and the hospitality and leisure industry is suffering as much as anyone in terms of losses. CardSafe addresses these issues and is the perfect solution to help you tackle and beat the problem. Each CardSafe unit stands 25 cm tall, is 7.5 cm wide, and 14 cm deep. It is made of high quality, toughened moulded plastic, holds up to 10 credit cards - and should be secured in view of the customer.

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The CardsSafe system is designed to protect customer and business assets. It reduces walkouts and bank charges and virtually eliminates chargebacks. CardsSafe securely retains customer credit, debit and ID cards while the cardholder runs a tab or uses your product or service. When CardsSafe is used properly, fraud against payment cards is virtually impossible. In addition, the merchants' financial situation improves significantly since customers increase spending and fewer people leave without settling their bill.