As one of the South?ís longest established security companies, our clients trust us to provide the most cost effective solution to their needs - we balance budgetary constraints against the potential risk to property and safety to find the most appropriate products and systems. In order to ensure we offer the best available solution, we deal with all the major manufacturers, as well as countless smaller companies.

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Whether you need a locksmith in Portsmouth because you're locked out, or you need a digilock fitted, or some window bars, or a security system at home, or a proximity card system at work, we can help you. We are an independent security company in Portsmouth and we work with all the major manufacturers, so we will provide the right product or system to suit your needs. Amberley Security, one of the leading security companies in Portsmouth, have been in business for over 80 years, we have the experience and the expertise you need.

If you've ever experienced that sinking feeling when you realise you can't find your keys, you'll also remember the relief of seeing help arrive. Even in the middle of the night, or over holiday periods, our locksmith Portsmouth emergency call-out team are ready to react. We always prefer to use non-destructive means of opening a door. To help us, we have access to a wide range of specialist tools, not available to the general public. The huge range of double glazing door and window locks is staggering - there are literally thousands to choose from.

CCTV technology has moved on leaps and bounds over the last few years, and you no longer need to have huge cameras in big white cases, with a couple of rather sinister-looking red lights to provide visible footage in the dark. These days we provide small, discreet cameras, with LEDs to provide night-time surveillance facility, that look so much neater than those of yesteryear and give far greater picture quality. So, if you're unhappy with your current system, why not upgrade to full High Definition, utilising your existing cabling?

As with any industry, technology in CCTV has made rapid advances, and there are now some very clever tricks that our systems can do for you. Tripwire, or Line Crossing, sets a virtual line in the field of vision of a camera. If an object moves from one side of that line to another, it triggers a reaction. For instance, many retailers use this technology to monitor how many people enter their shops - the reaction that is triggered is to add another customer to the count. It's also used to monitor boundaries - when an object crosses the line from the safe side to the secure side, an alarm is triggered.

We've been cutting keys for our customers since we first started in business, way back in 1927. Technology has moved on since then, and we now have a workshop filled with the latest computer-aided keycutting equipment so we can cut virtually any key you need, while you wait. We are also equipped with the latest programming technology to allow us to supply you with a fully working chipped car key, with or without remote controls, without having to take the car to your local main dealer and leave it there for the day.

Our gold systems come with a minimum of 2 pet-tolerant movement sensors and one door sensor. You can add more detectors and sensors, up to a maximum of 32. The system is operated by remote control fobs, so the control panel can be hidden. You will also have a siren outside. Your system will be completely installed, connected to your broadband, and we'll help you set up the app. There's a 2 year warranty, and no monthly maintenance or monitoring contracts. Our platinum systems come with a minimum of 2 camera-sensors, so you can see images of your home if the alarm triggers, and one door sensor.

For a start, you know that you can see what's happening right now at your home, wherever you are in the world, via your smartphone - as long as you have a data connection. So, if there's a problem, you can take action immediately to solve it, whether that be calling the police, or asking a friend or relative to pop round, if it's something that isn't dangerous. And of course, you can see what has happened in the past. We'll set your system up to only record when the system detects movement, so you'll have about 2 weeks worth of footage available, before it gets overwritten.

Ensuring the right people can get to the right area at the right time. More than just security, our systems protect organisations from both internal and external threats, with the flexibility to change the access rights instantaneously.