Advanced Integrated Security are specialists in providing a wide range of electronic security equipment, systems and services to the commercial, industrial and government sectors. Our CCTV Equipment utilises the latest digital technology to provide the best possible security solution to satisfy your requirements and budget. Our CCTV systems provide deterrence, incident detection and prosecution evidence for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our Access Control Systems will limit visitor and staff movements, to restrict access into your site and within your site. We also install intercom systems to enable identification of visitors before permitting entry.

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As owners or managers of businesses or any enterprise, one of the challenges you face is protecting your property, staff and equipment. In fact, this is a critical decision as any breach of security can cause irreparable financial and emotional damage. Your offices, warehouses, factories, schools and hospitals must be kept safe along with your equipment and staff. It has been proven that visible security measures, such as alarm boxes or CCTV cameras and door entry systems, are shown to reduce the chance of a property being targeted in a burglary or in an act of vandalism.

Every customer has a unique set of needs and circumstances and we strive to ensure that our highly trained teams of technicians understand these needs and develop security solutions that meet those requirements. For us, it is paramount that our customers feel safe, protected and secure in the knowledge that our equipment, installation and service is of the highest standard. Our clients' peace of mind is first and foremost on our agenda and we pride ourselves on building long-lasting partnerships with our clients, providing the highest standards of service and customer care.

A well-designed CCTV system offers a range of benefits. Carefully positioned, it can deter criminals, vandals and other unwanted intruders from entering your premises. Meanwhile, high-quality recorded images mean you'll be able to review any historical incidents and check activities in front of the cameras. You will also have an excellent resource for prosecution evidence should you need it. If needed you can monitor your site by accessing the cameras live, this may be on your computer, on your phone or by a remote third party via the internet so you could monitor from your home, laptop, control centre, or any other location in the world.

Whether you need a one-off emergency repair or regular support on a contract basis, we offer a responsive and professional service for fixing any faults with your electronic security equipment and systems installed by us or those from other providers. Our team of engineers have the experience to diagnose problems that may arise from a vast range of security equipment and we aim to provide you with a solution in a single visit. Where this is not possible, for example, if parts need to be ordered, we will discuss a specific and reasonable time frame to fix your fault.

Break-ins, theft and vandalism can result in loss of goods, equipment and damage to property. This can disrupt businesses and homes, and affect the confidence of those who work or live on a site. Intruder alarms help to protect property 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, by deterring intruders, triggering an alarm locally and even setting off a visual warning such as flashing lights. We use the very best technology to help minimise false alarms: from vibration, lighting and acoustic detectors to magnetic reed contacts which detect compromised windows and doors.

Door entry systems are a convenient and secure way to control access to a building or property and provide commercial property owners with the reassurance that they can control, monitor and - if necessary - restrict the movement of people in and around a premises or site. A range of advanced features can also be built in, including privacy of speech (preventing interference from other handsets), and timers to record the time of calls, door releases, and even the duration of conversations. All door entry systems can be integrated with existing features, including access control, telephone lines and CCTV.

Fire alarm systems usually consist of a control panel that communicates with other security systems, continuously monitors sensors around the property and checks the system's integrity. In the event of a fire, the control panel will then trigger the alarm. As well as the control panel we will install call points near building exits. These are typically break-glass units which are easy to locate, recognise and use. The system works using automatically activated devices which detect signs of fire such as heat and smoke.

Every organisation will need a tailor-made security solution to meet their unique requirements, whether it is fire or intruder alarms, CCTV cameras, door entry systems, automatic gates and barriers or access control systems. With over 30 years' experience between us, our team of planners, engineers and installers have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the ideal, long-term solution. We will work with you to ensure that your security need, whether it is a new installation, maintenance of an older system or an emergency is attended to by qualified, industry accredited engineers; guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction.