AC Controls designs, installs and maintains security systems to meet your specific requirements at a very competitve price using only quality equipment. Being one of the largest purchasers of security equipment in Europe, we are able to pass our discounts on to you giving you best value for money in the industry

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Insider threats range from the careless manager who emails sensitive data to his personal email address to the disgruntled employee who stole client lists and product development plans for a competitor. With such a range of threats, from accidental to malicious, understanding who is working for you is more critical than ever. Collecting the right data in a format that identifies anomalous behavior can prevent data theft, protect employees and preserve intellectual property. Understanding who is entering your building is more critical than ever.

Eliminating the complex, expensive process of a rip and replace, Symmetry SR delivers an easy to deploy pin-for-pin replacement that re-uses existing card readers, wiring and badge populations. You simply need to switch out the controllers, which takes only minutes per controller. When you choose Symmetry SR, upgrades are inexpensive, quick and seamless, and employees and staff won't even notice the changeover in systems. After learning how easy it was going to be to upgrade their old access control system to the Symmetry SR Retrofit solution, and how they would save thousands if not millions of dollars if they converted their entire campus, UNR decided to move forward.

The Symmetry M4000 intelligent door controller is an open-source operating system that ensures complete system security, resilience and reliability. When integrated with Symmetry Access Control software, the M4000 delivers a seamless security management system to protect all types of buildings while maintaining a low cost of ownership. The M4000 is AMAG's next generation intelligent controller with database and support for up to 4 readers.

Security systems don't need to be complicated. Smaller businesses having only a few doors to manage with a few cameras don't need to worry about which products from which manufacturer's integrate together to provide the best solution. Small business owners have enough on their plate just running their business. That's why the Symmetry Security Appliance is the perfect choice.

Organizations have a variety of security needs that require security systems, building management systems and devices to work together. That's why we partner with the best technology partners in the industry to provide a complete solution. Our Symmetry solutions integrate with audio, biometric, license plate recognition and camera technologies, among many others, to deliver countless choices to our customers to enhance their security system. AMAG offers a route for companies to integrate their systems with our Symmetry Access Control platform.

Symmetry Business is a cost effective access control solution for smaller applications. Available only in the US and Canada, Symmetry Business uses the EN series controllers and works with Symmetry CompleteView Video Management to provide a complete security solution. Symmetry Professional Access Control Software is ideal for medium to large enterprise organizations that use a corporate network. Supporting up to 512 card readers and nine clients, it provides alarm management, easy badging and card administration and optional modules, as well as operates with Symmetry CompleteView VMS.

Most visitors are largely unknown and have not been vetted prior to their arrival, and different types of visitors, such as contractors, vendors and customers all pose different risk levels to the organization. Managing those identities from check-in to departure is critical to a comprehensive security program. Paper logbooks are inaccurate, do not provide an audit trail or meet corporate compliance standards. Implementing a cloud-based visitor management system that automatically tracks visitors, provides an audit trail to meet compliance and improves a visitor's overall experience reduces risk, increases compliance and reduces costs overall through efficiency and automation of manual processes.

The NEW Symmetry CompleteView 20/20 delivers an open, user friendly VMS with simple deployment and scalability for security needs of all sizes. With a newly designed intuitive user interface, it operates as a stand-alone system or as part of a global enterprise integrated with the Symmetry platform for a unified solution. The user friendly, feature rich software offers Dynamic Resolution Scaling (DRS) that automatically scales the video transmission based on viewing window size in the client to minimize bandwidth usage in support of centralized remote monitoring.