A2W Security provide an outstanding range of security devices, from simple locks to advanced safes at highly competitive prices - nationwide. We are a dependable, professional and experienced security provider, and we are the Appointed and Preferred Approved Safe Suppliers to all the leading Insurance Companies. We are the safest people around!

Serviced Areas

  • Medway & Maidstone

Contact Details

  City Gillingham
  Postcode ME8 9TP
  Address 38 Hawbeck Rd
  Phone Number 016 3438 7111

From Our Website

We have been in the Security Industry since 1968 and have advised all Leading Insurers, Underwriters, Insurance Brokers and their clients on all types of Security Products and Services. Our mission is to provide compliant products and services at economical prices tailored to the clients real needs.

This is the text area for this paragraph. Once you've added your content, you can customise its design by choosing different colours, fonts, font sizes and bullets. Just highlight the words you want to customise and choose from the various options in the text editing bar. A2W Security works closely with Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers and Underwriters to advise on current standards and products. In conjunction with Associate Companies Personal Protection Services, Site Guarding Services and Event Security Staff to insurance standards.