In continuous operation for about 7 years, SafeGuard ARMOURô was established in the United Kingdom in 2006. Over the past decade, we have expanded from a small firm focused on local bullet proof vest sales, to a market leader servicing the body armour needs of thousands of individuals and businesses worldwide. With several distribution points across the globe, we currently manufacture body armour in England, the United States, and Europe. We ship thousands of pieces on a weekly basis to a client base that extends over more than 100 countries. Our orders are all shipped through FedEx express delivery service, with tracking information emailed to the customer upon product order dispatch.

SafeGuard ARMOURô is committed to providing clients with complete protective armour solutions, designed to meet their full spectrum of protection requirements. We stock a comprehensive range of body armour, including hard and soft plate bullet proof vests and ballistic helmets. In addition to a large inventory of body armour on hand, we have the manufacturing capacities to quickly fulfill orders of any quantity. Our highly experienced machinists can work with clients to customize body armour pieces whenever required.

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At SafeGuard Armour, as a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of body armour, we are committed to ensuring that our customers are provided with the most sophisticated and protective vests, helmets and equipment. Part of this comes from making sure that our customers are fully informed and that any questions or queries they have are answered. To that end, we have produced a number of informative and explanatory articles related to every area of body armour, including guides for people working in various professions.

We understand that with the wide and diverse range of products available for purchase, it can often be overwhelming and the decision to choose armour can be a difficult one. Making the process a simple one for our customers has always been a priority, as making an uninformed decision also runs the risk of leaving you with the wrong body armour. This is of course a very serious problem, one that could have fatal consequences.

In addition to providing a broad range of products to meet the needs of any individual, SafeGuard Armour also offers vests specifically designed with certain professions in mind, and the information you can find in this resources page will help guide you towards the right product. Among these resources you can find information on all aspects of body armour, from the materials used to the future developments of the industry.

All of this information represents the years of industry expertise and knowledge that helps drive our company forward, and we hope it provides you with everything you could need to know.

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