All Year Security provide manned security guarding services in London and Croydon. For all you security needs we offer a high quality security services. We also supply man and dog services. We have a skilled workforce and use the latest technology to ensure our clients have the best possible service.

Serviced Areas

  • London, Essex, Gatwick

Contact Details

  City City of London
  Postcode EC1N 8UN
  Phone Number 0800 242 5113

From Our Website

Our years in providing security services has given us the experience in many scenarios, don't buy a spanner if you have sprung a leak, get a in touch with a tradesman, and get advice. Call us on 0800 242 5113. Break and entering crime, causes more problems than the initial break in - the cost of the clean up, loss of business, loss of data, can be far more damaging and exspensive. It is a sad fact, that falling economy, whether or not Brexit is to blame, has meant cut backs everywhere, not only affecting the poorest and those most likely to commit crime but also, in the Police force, the most visible deterrent.