Welcome to Mobile CCTV Ltd, considered the best service provider of temporary CCTV in the events industry. Temporary CCTV systems are used for event safety management. CCTV Hire is becoming more popular with event organisers and local authorities working on events. Please call us or email if you want to enquire about any temporary CCTV for any application.

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It is essential to have the right person monitoring the CCTV cameras, that person needs to have some knowledge of the site, for example entrances, exits, where queues are to form, know a bit about the audience profile and the type of event. The list could go on and on, but the CCTV operator must know where they should be looking for the CCTV to be effective. This is why at Mobile CCTV Ltd our CCTV operators always help during the installations. They get to work on the site and have a good knowledge of it by the time the CCTV is operational.

Thank you for visiting our site, if you are here you may be considering putting on an event or may have a use for some temporary CCTV. Not all events require CCTV and there is a list as long as your arm for the reasons of needing CCTV. If it is something you have had to consider please do not hesitate to give us a call and we can advise you and suggest a cost effective solution for you. By the way, for casual day out at the races try a day at Kempton Park. Lovely restaurant, great food at very reasonable prices.

Monitoring a crowd that is continuously changing shape is important to be able to manage your staff on the ground. Ensure you have your staff where they are best needed to manage your audience at all time and deploying them intelligently using CCTV cameras is a great way of doing it. Ingress is always a sensitive time, especially when queues are forming outside the venue and there could be potential for the queue's to become very long, dense and slow moving. Monitoring this on CCTV will give you the tools to be able to deploy your staff where most needed to inform, manage and direct your visitors without them becoming unsettled.