We provide affordable security surveillance systems with remote viewing via smartphones (iPhone, blackberry and android phones). Police response systems can be achieved via BS8418. Very high quality images can be gained by use of Mobotix megapixel high resolution cameras. Remote monitoring from our receiving scene can actually save money on the need for manned guarding. All quotations are free and can be arranged at a time to suit you.

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IP Cameras

The definition of “IP Camera” can sometimes be confusing.

Although webcams are technically IP Cameras (Internet Protocol) , the quality and price between these and megapixel IP cameras that we use in our systems is vastly different.

Although initially a large investment, megapixel IP cameras can allow you many options in terms of the areas of your premises that can be viewed, the quality of the image and where you can be view your images.

As there are many options to choose from that can impact the complexity and cost of the design it is important to talk through with a surveyor what it is that you want to achieve from your system.

Most quality, security IP cameras give high quality images with megapixel resolution. The Mobotix range can provide a 3. 1 million pixel image that far out performs conventional CCTV cameras.


Home security is becoming much more common due to the advances in technology allowing cameras to be more affordable. This means that even modest houses are able to have the high level of security that comes with CCTV.

With systems available from under £1, 000, the home market continues to grow. Today’s digital video recorders are ideal providing remote viewing over the internet. You can view your home whilst on holiday or even view your foreign holiday home from the UK.

There are more subtle cameras, such as the mini dome, which still provides high image quality, but without an obtrusive camera visible in your home.

Add to all this the latest innovation – the facility to view multiple live images via your smartphone (such as iPhone or Android) and you can see why the domestic CCTV systems are in great demand.