Hi-Res Security Ltd provides a wide range of security services including static guards, dog handlers, mobile patrols, property/site protection, locks/unlocks and event security. We cover all areas of London and the South East.

Serviced Areas

  • London, Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire

Contact Details

  City Wokingham
  Postcode RG40 1BJ
  Address Albany House, 14 Shute End
  Phone Number 0844 357 1330
  Mobile 07812 120479

Products & Services

Dog Patrols

The use of security trained dogs is a very strong deterrent in preventing crime, probably the ultimate choice for today's security. One dog and its handler is equivalent to a number of static officers, with the ability to cover much larger areas. The trained dog can detect anyone from a long distance using sight, scent and hearing to alert the dog handler to the intruder. Often the sight of a fully trained protection dog in an aggressive stance is enough to deter criminals, making this a very reliable form of security for your business and premises.

Static Guarding

Whether it is manning the front gate house, barrier or reception, Hi-Res Security Ltd is the extension of your company's image. The presence of a static guard patrolling the site/grounds is an extremely cost effective method of protecting your staff, stock and premises, whatever time of day or night.

Static or Manned Guarding may be a more cost-effective solution for smaller premises or where there is more need for CCTV operation, public interaction or the control of vehicular activity in and out of sites.

Locks and Unlocks

Many businesses often require a member of staff to be in charge of locking or unlocking offices or other buildings at scheduled times. It is often more reliable and efficient to have outside assistance for such duties who are committed to ensuring the premises are secured at all times. Random patrols are an additional low cost service which proves very effective in deterring criminal activity.

Hi-Res Security Ltd officers can lock and unlock your premises at any given time and ensure that everything is secure, including windows, doors and fire exits as well as turning off any unnecessary electrical equipment.

From Our Website

Hi-Res Security Ltd was formed in 2008 following many years of experience within the security industry. From small beginnings, the company has since grown and become a competitive supplier of security services in both private and public sectors. A large percentage of the services we currently provide is represented by the use of security dogs and handlers, but we also supply static guarding services where guard dogs are not required. Hi-Res Security Ltd has worked hard to achieve a professional reputation and has now built a substantial work force that strives to supply security services to the highest standard.

Many businesses take care of their own security requirements by means of CCTV, alarms and other surveillance equipment. However, such measures can often prove ineffective and costly; cameras and alarms rarely prevent crimes and have the added expense of maintenance and repair, being subject to vandalism. The most cost effective deterrent against crime is to provide manned security, particularly trained security dogs and handlers, to routinely and randomly patrol business premises and property. As well as routine security patrols, we also offer randomised protection, such as mobile patrols, and regular services, such as locks and unlocks.