FSP Alarms Ltd was established in 1984 as a specialise suppler of electronic security systems, incorporating Access Control, Fire Alarm detection, CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) and Intruder Alarm systems. We are NACOSS gold approved installer, with commercial, industrial and domestic customers throughout Northern Ireland.

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  • Northern Ireland

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  City Ballymoney
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  Phone Number 028 2766 5557

Products & Services

Fire Alarms

Here at FSP Security, we understand the importance of family within our client’s lives. To ensure our clients benefit from maximum security and safety, our main aim is to prevent the devastating impact that smoke and fire can have. FSP ensures that damage is kept to a minimum by installing state of the art fire detection systems that will quickly alert you of any dangers before a situation gets out of control.

This can be developed via an independent Fire Alarm System or integration via your intruder alarm, there are regulations that must be adhered to, we can advise on what is best to suit your property and what is the most secure and cost effective solution for your home.


CCTV is becoming a lot more popular in domestic properties, Householders feel safer and that they are more protected if they have CCTV security systems installed in their homes,

They are the perfect deterrent: Noticing a CCTV system on your building is enough to scare off most vandals and intruders – making them think twice before attempting a break-in. Who wants to get caught?

They provide you with remote surveillance: CCTV is a great solution to keep an eye on your property in real time. FSP can design and install a CCTV System that is discreet but massively effective for your home, we can give you the facility to view your CCTV via a APP on a mobile device, or via a monitor based inside your hold, either way you will be in full control of watching what is going on, or had went on around your property

Intruder Alarm

There are many reasons for installing additional security in your home, peace of mind whilst at Work, In Bed or even when off on holiday, FSP can provide you with a solution that will protect your property 24/7, And deter an intruder or stop them in their tracks.

We understand that everyone has different needs, so here at FSP we will individually tailor your system to guarantee maximum protection, and give you the ability to monitor your premises remotely, keeping you in control.

There are many options available to ensure you get what’s right for you, from fully wireless systems to completely hardwired, we also have a hybrid option in the middle which uses a combination of traditional wired equipment and wire-free devices, all can be neatly and effectively installed in your home.

Flexible setting options mean that your alarm can be set when your home is unoccupied or when you and your family are asleep as a ‘part’ setting.

Gate Automation

Automatic gates are used to control access into a drive way or secure yard/location, for added convenience, an automated gate allows you to gain access to your property without having to get out of your vehicle first.

However, Security is the main reason people choose to install automated gate systems to their home or property. Not only are thieves much less likely to target a property with an automated gate, but the gate itself will make access to the property incredibly difficult. Due to the irreversibly geared motors, it would be near impossible to force the gate open.

Automatic gates can be operated by a variety of access control devices, including card readers, vehicle tag readers, digital keypads, and portable wireless transmitters.

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Did you know that homes with no security measures in place are five times more likely to be burgled than those with simple security measures?? 🚨 The sight of a burglar alarm may not stop a burglar, but it may at least deter burglars with a conscience!
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