We have over two decade's worth of experience of providing this expert and valuable service, and are well practiced at every point of fire protection from initial assessment onwards. In fact, we pride ourselves on having one of the most comprehensive services around, and this includes: Fire alarm maintenance & repairs, Fire safety training, Fire risk assessments, Design, supply and installation services.

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Fire Alarm Systems

Different factors need to be considered when choosing a Fire Alarm System for your building. That’s why we carry out free site surveys to find out which fire alarm system suits your needs.

We offer several options, whether you’re looking to buy a brand new fire alarm system or simply looking to upgrade your existing system.

Your fire alarm system will be designed and installed by us, a BAFE and SIRA registered company with UKAS certification. You can be sure your alarm system will be installed to the highest industry standards.

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I would recommend the sheer professionalism of Island Fire Protection, I can't fault the quality of service we received.

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From Our Website

Wireless fire alarms are ideal where cabled systems aren't practical; wiring can damage walls, look unsightly and take a long time to install. In temporary, listed or historical buildings, try a wireless or radio fire alarm system instead, where signals are transmitted across a radio frequency instead of wires. You'll find that they're faster, easier and cheaper to install. You'll also find it easier to maintain and update them; devices can be disconnected, relocated or replaced without the hassle of mucking about with wires.

Analogue fire alarm systems are the best ones for large buildings, as they offer a range of complex functions; it's why they're known as the intelligent fire alarm system. Analogue control panels are able to send and receives signals to and from connected devices. This allows them to get health reports, alert to system fault and provide other messages. If a detector is activated, you can tell if it's in fire, fault or pre-alarm state, which will significantly reduce the number of false alarms.

Not all businesses are the same. The type of fire alarm system you require will be different to the alarm somebody else needs. Your fire alarm system will be designed and installed, based on your business, building and the type of risks you face. All commercial fire alarm systems are built in line with existing legislation to ensure you're covered legally.

Installing a fire alarm system is not just about complying with the law. It's also about saving time, money and effort. We'll design and install a system that does just this, while complying with the law and British Standard 5839.

Fire blankets are one of the most versatile firefighting tools available to your business and are the only ones suitable for fighting clothing fires. They're completely fire resistant, as they're made from non-flammable, heavy duty materials such as fibreglass, and treated with flame retardants. You can use them to smother cooking pan fires or they can be wrapped around people to fight clothing fires. They can even be used as protection from flames during emergency evacuations. Welding blankets are equally as multipurpose; you can hang them as welding drapes, fix them over objects or place them over workbenches to prevent sparks from igniting a fire.

Water fire extinguishers also known as H2O fire extinguishers, are the cheapest class A ones to buy, refill and replace. It's why they're so popular. They're also the safest extinguisher to use, as the firefighting agent used is water. Water fire extinguishers fight class A fires on two levels; they soak and cool the source of fuel, which not only extinguishes the fire, but lessens the likelihood of re-ignition. For higher firefighting capabilities, you can opt for water additive fire extinguishers instead.

Manual call points allow everyone on site to raise the alarm in an emergency. They should be placed no more than 30 metres apart, along exit routes, stairways and corridors, in noticeable places. All call points are made to British Standards and supplied with test keys. You can choose to have plastic or break glass call points; replacement elements are available for both, so you won't have to replace the whole unit if one is activated.

Find out what action you need to take to protect your building legally and otherwise, with a fire risk assessment. By law, a business which has five or more people employed, including part time staff, requires a fire risk assessment. Our fire risk assessments will be carried out by fully certified and trained risk assessors. They're available for any situation - whether you're starting up, moving office, expanding your business or changing the tools you use.