The 2004 combination of UK based PW Allen & Company and Canadian Vanguard Response Systems saw two of the industry's most powerful names unify to become a single operation offering a combined heritage of 56 years coupled with an unrivalled portfolio of products. The Threat of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) attacks from terrorist groups is real and evolving.

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Allen-Vanguard's Counter-UAS system, ANCILE was developed to deliver RF inhibition to the wide variety of commercial drones, ensuring a robust and effective no-fly zone that can be applied to convoy protection, operational bases, sensitive locations and public events. Allen-Vanguard is able to offer secure, near real-time command and control of deployed ECM assets. This brief video shows holistically some of the benefits that can be gained from this unique capability offered only by AV. Allen-Vanguard has worked closely and exclusively with Track 24 who are the provider of world leading Blue Force Tracking Solutions.

Allen-Vanguard is a leader in providing customized solutions for defeating terrorist and extremist threats, including Radio Controlled IEDs (RCIEDs). Defense Forces, Public Safety & Security agencies around the world trust our Counter-Threat Solutions and Mission Systems to provide integrated capabilities to help save lives every day. Allen-Vanguard's Intelligence, Training and related services are developed and delivered through its Counter-Threat Solutions team of subject matter experts. Their front-line experience in combat theatres, law enforcement and intelligence ensures that customers receive the analysis, advice, training and support necessary to foresee and prevent current and emerging threats.

Allen-Vanguard's Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) equipment is renowned for being amongst the most technologically advanced and reliable in the industry. With thousands of units deployed in prominent operational theatres, our systems are an integral piece in the daily protection of VIPs and security details around the globe. Combining our world-leading equipment with our highly-skilled vehicle-installation expertise, Allen-Vanguard offers a powerful yet affordable vehicle-based ECM solution that ensures optimal protection and maximizes operational readiness.

Vehicle mounted systems to provide protection for IEDD teams on route to and from incident and to protect the Incident Control Point (ICP). Augmented by man portable, carry forward systems to protect the operator in and around the device area with a choice of deployment systems including by ROV. Tailored ECM solutions that can be installed and integrated into both armoured and non-armoured civilian pattern vehicles to provide discrete yet highly effective protection for dignitaries and diplomatic staff during routine vehicle movement or public engagements.

The 3XXX electronic countermeasure (ECM) suite is a combination system based on the versatile and fully programmable 3140 and 3230 ECM units. The 3XXX suite has been widely deployed across numerous global conflict zones and is the corner stone of protection for several key agencies. This highly reliable technology has provided a myriad of operational mission hours protecting personnel and non-military officials facing the threat from Radio Control IEDs (RCIEDs). The 3XXX suite can be deployed in many ways to offer electronic vehicle protection or static point protection and can be configured to address varying threat frequency profiles.

The use of drones for nefarious means is proliferating. Be it their use as a weapon of terror within asymmetric operations, their use for close target reconnaissance or being use in delivering packages of contraband; the ingenuity of the enemy seems limitless. To counter this increasing threat Allen-Vanguard has capitalized on its world leading Counter RCIED pedigree and developed a tailored capability that will deliver an assured protection zone that will deny access to commercial drones. ANCILE was developed to deliver RF inhibition to the wide variety of commercial drones.

EQUINOX Next Generation (NG) is the flagship Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) system from Allen-Vanguard. The highly agile and flexible technical architecture has been developed around the leading global standards for Electronic Warfare (EW) hardware. NG to be easily configured for a wide range of scenarios. From armoured vehicles in operational theatres to VIP convoys or vulnerable fixed site locations the system can be integrated with relative ease. Accompanying this agile, hybrid system is Allen-Vanguard's world renowned Threat Management Team and global Customer Service Support ensuring that such a critical capability continuous to deliver true effectiveness to its users anywhere in the world.

SCORPION is the man-portable capability from Allen-Vanguard, one of the largest providers of ECM in the world. It capitalizes on a wealth of operational feedback and a long history of effective ECM to protect personnel from the prevalence of the Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (RCIED). The threat against deployed forces has never been greater nor have their demands for effective, robust protection. SCORPION meets these needs and delivers a hybrid, full spectrum system and threat band coverage protection for dismounted personnel on the move and at stationary checkpoints.