Many safe locks carried, Cencon, Auditcon, Kaba, Mauer, La Gard, S&G. Chubb, Tann, Stratford, Ratner, SMP, Dudley, Leigh, Rosengren, Chatwood, Milner, Secure, Churchill, Burton, Fichet, Securikey, Epic We are specialist locksmiths and safe engineers and do not do anything except door and safe work. We can recommend excellent auto locksmiths for lost car keys.

Serviced Areas

  • East Midlands, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicetsreshire, South Yorkshire, Northants, Lincolnshire

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  City Stapleford
  Postcode NG9 7BX
  Address 8 Bessell Lane
  Phone Number 079 7627 2132

Products & Services

Emergency Openings

Whether you’re locked out or locked in, we offer an emergency opening service for houses and business premises.

Non Destructive Entry is our speciality. We have made unique tools to decode or defeat security locks. We carry out technical lock picking to extreme skill levels. PVCu locks and Multilocks, mortice locks and safe locks.

Customer Testimonials

Great service & fast call out - highly recommend!

Very obliging & professional, work completed same day ,fair price,very helpful & polite.
Would use this again.

Fantastic service. Called out to Wolverhampton at 09:30, arrived by 12:00. Kept us updated at all times. Managed to get into our safe that contained vans keys so we were unable to send our driver out in extra quick time so he could get out on the road and at a great price.

Would highly recommend.

Alan is a very accomplished Safe Engineer and Master Locksmith, specializing in non destructive lock opening to an exceptional standard. He is very approachable, helpful and well liked and respected. Definitely a number to have saved to your phone.

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Thank goodness
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@safe_engineerUK @MLA_locksmiths Horrendous. Like calling a mechanic because your starter motor broke then needing a new car!
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#safecracker on tour. Starting the week with a job Grimsby
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@Squelchtone Leading edge boltwork rail had completely separated from main boltwork.
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@Squelchtone If I get an intercontinental confused caller I'll pass your number on! :-D
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t few places left on my cylinder lock impressioning course this Saturday at the Nottingham Lock Expo.Open to established trading Locksmiths only.Hands on training class only 30 on the day.Sign up now at The class covers how to make keys
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Shop paid 800 for this bargain basement quality opening and err "repair" ?
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This obviously turned into a biblical drilling job for this guy. There's more holes in the top.
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From Our Website

We are providing emergency service during the pandemic, but please consider if your task can wait until it is safe for the current restrictions to be relaxed. Precautions we are taking include wearing n95 particulate masks, using disinfectant wipes before, during and after to clean the work area, using clean nitrile gloves every time. It is for your protection, that of wider society because lower transmission rates equal lower mortality rates and of course the health and safety of our own staff.

Our firm was established in 1996, we specialise in lockouts, safes, cash machines, commercial doors and executing warrants for utilities and the authorities. The founder, Alan Morgan, started doing bench locksmithing as a traditional apprentice in the eighties, before graduating to be journeyman for one of the country's top safemen. Now a Master Locksmith, he gives training seminars for locksmith associations. Years of experience and dedicated record keeping have built up a huge database so we can resolve any issue with your safe, lock or overall security.

Whether you're locked out or locked in, we offer an emergency opening service for houses and business premises. Cylinder lock impressioning, we can make keys to locked doors from outside! Common on shop fronts, heavy duty aluminium doors need to be hung and adjusted properly to ensure public safety and ease of use under DDA regulations. Doors which do not close can allow cold draughts or become a security risk. Doors which slam can seriously hurt children or those of advancing years. Overhead, transom and floor mounted door closers working with a variety of hinge styles need to be replaced and adjusted correctly.

Opening a Secure Safe Company (Coventry) safe, with the key. Turn the key, should rotate at least 120° but this one will turn all the way so it can be taken out. Once unlocked the door can be spun round to the stop and lifted out. We picked this safe open and changed the lock, so you see it being opened with the new keys. Once the correct key has been turned then the whole lid rotates. There are heavy lugs which help to hold the safe secure in the body, these have to line up correctly to insert or remove the door.