After 15 years supporting the service industry, ACR Systems was established in 1990 to look after local York based business but covering the whole Yorkshire area. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers, large or small

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  City York
  Postcode YO24 4NB
  Address 77 Beaconsfield St
  Phone Number 019 0479 0373

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All our installations are designed around "YOUR" needs and to a budget that suits "YOU". ACR Systems was established in 1990 and provides quality CCTV & Cash Register systems in York and the surrounding areas. We provide a range of Touch Screen Cash Registers to businesses in York and surrounding areas. PC based Cash Registers are our most popular products and it's easy to understand why. ACR Systems can supply Digital CCTV systems for commercial and residential properties. Our systems are installed and fitted by our friendly staff and full training and instructions will be given.

ACR Systems was established in 1990 by Ross Keane. He started in 1972 working in technical support for a manufacturer, distributer and then for himself. Since 1990, ACR Systems have providing quality CCTV & EPoS solutions in York and the surrounding areas. All our installations are designed around "YOUR" needs and to a budget that suits "YOU". To us, a Salesman is basically "spending someone elses money" (yours) and we feel you need as much information and choice as possible (our job), to be able to make a valid decision (your job).

We can now install a Till System that used Hand Held Terminals. These save on Staff running numbers and are simple and efficient ways of getting orders to the Till and then to the Customer. You only need one Till Terminal and as many Hand Sets as you prefer. They run on their own Wifi connection and have a Printer Included for Billing the Customer. We have an EPROM based Uniwell Touch Screen system that will support Hand Held Terminals PLUS take orders using the MOBO 2 GO app so your customers can order food and drink either On the premises OR as a delivery.

PC based EPoS systems can be utilised by almost every type of business, they are robust, reliable and have excellent performance. As a retail till, our PC EPoS systems can be a very powerful tool. No need to waste time with seperate stock managment software or software on a PC. Instead you can simply plug in a standard keyboard and mouse and control stock direct from the till as you would with any other PC based software. For larger businesses with multiple networked tills you can opt for designating a PC as a server.

At ACR Systems we supply a wide range of CCTV products for both business and domestic properties in York and surrounding areas. Our friendly staff will setup and install your system to your exact requirments, we also provide full training for your new equipment together with basic instruction sheets to keep you going. We only supply high quality CCTV equipment and have used the same supplier for over 20 years. We supply a wide range of CCTV cameras to suit your requirments. Pinpoint covert cameras can be hidden inside smoke detectors, or PIR sensors, to record undetected.