Providing security services and training for security industry, sia compliant security courses, door supervisor sia course, cctv sia course, security guarding in different venues across uk. Security services and security training courses in London, Manchester, Luton, Birmingham, Halifax.

Serviced Areas

  • London, Essex, Manchester, Birmingham, Luton, Halifax, Bristol

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  City Forest Gate
  Postcode E7 9HZ
  Phone Number 0203 691 4127

Customer Testimonials

This training has gained myself more skills, confidence and experience which benifitted me a lot for my future. The course was challenging at times in terms of learning new skills to be honest. I did not have any concerns about the course because it was challenging and enjoyable at times in my opinion.

I had a great time while attending the door supervisor course. I was enjoying learning and it was fun listening to our instructor Tony Marshal. He is the best man and very professional and Ali Mohammad a wonderful advisor. I am grateful to their support. 100% recommended!

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Petition: Create minimum wage for SIA holders to be paid 15 per hour.
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